One wonders where the world would be if we had no TV’s, internet or the paper press. I guess we would still be hunting for ivory, picking raw guavas in the Amazon or maybe smoking sausages in the Congo. The dark ages are times when men were governed by blood and debt, where morals was […]

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Islamic Militancy in Africa

A review of violent events involving militant Islamist groups in Africa over the past year highlights several notable observations: Fatalities caused by Boko Haram dropped by 70 percent between 2015 and 2016 (from 11,519 to 3,499). This has led to a decline in the total number of fatalities caused by militant Islamist groups in Africa, […]

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United Nation Security Council Report on Al-Shabaab

Harakat  al-Shabaab  al-Mujaahidiin (Al-Shabaab) remains  the  most immediate threat  to  peace  and  security  in  Somalia.  Contrary  to  prevailing  narratives  of successful  counter-insurgency  and  counter-terrorism  efforts,  the  UN Monitoring  Group assessed  that  the  security  situation  has  not improved in  Somalia during  the  current mandate. Al-Shabaab  has  retained  the  operational  capacity  to  launch  large-scale attacks against African […]

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Assad Syrian War Savagery

The bombing of civilians by the Syrian tanks remains an ellipsis of facts. Yet the bombing evinced a ferocity unparalleled in recent times. In spite of the outcry and public dismay, it should have become obvious, because of the number of civilian casualties routinely reported per day, the tonnage of rockets dropped, the scorched earth […]

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Politics, States and Babies

I guess we’ll just agree to disagree regarding either the ban of adoption by Russia is justifiable or not, but what I find so interesting is that it’s more than just a political game. There is so much more to this story that media and other rights groups are not addressing. Adoptive families should have […]

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The Coming “Civil” War!

When are republicans going to learn? The reason you lost the election is the reason you will continue to lose elections, because you cater to the elite, the ultra rich, and people who pretend to be Christian. Quit catering to the super rich, quit catering to millionaires and billionaires, quit catering to people who promote […]

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War on ‘Sandy’

September 11, 2001, brought in a new age of challenges to America’s supreme rule and power. The challenges in this struggle stretch around the world, they run from the most remote regions of Waziristan, Kismayu to Hawaii America keeps on getting hit hard with blows of challenges, now a mega storm ‘Sandy’ has landed on […]

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Schizophrenic Debates

I watched and listened to the Romney, Obama, Biden and Ryan debate which I described as an admirable mixture of brilliant personality, philosophizing, incisive and factual content with a bit of satire and thought that the ending was too pretentious for the general public. First of all the debate covered on various wide range of […]

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Bullets,Bombs and Silence

Kenya Defense Forces With the major justifications for the KDF led invasion of Somalia and supposed possession of towns and port of Kismayo that tied to the terrorist Al-Shabaab. there still questions that arise as to what actually motivated the Kenya Defense Force to take on the problematic task of conquering Somalia upheavals after all […]

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The Axe Murderer

On February 19, 2004, Azerbaijani Army Lieutenant Ramil Safarov took an axe and bludgeoned to death Gurgen Margaryan, an officer in the Armenian army who was asleep at the Budapest military academy where they were attending English-language courses organised by NATO. After nearly decapitating Margaryan, Safarov stabbed his corpse repeatedly in the chest. Safarov was […]

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The Good Dictator

The good thing about politics is that there is no good that comes out of it, in Libya especially when Moammar Gaddafi was the life president of Libya (as he used to claim to be), all was good, no conflicts, no violence, no economic recession, no energy problems in fact no Terrorist (Al-Qaeda) I mean […]

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Poland: Republic of Skinheads

Do you want to see or experience real physical racialistic discrimination and violence in  2012 modern age? I guess not, because if you are a football fanatic and you seriously love the game like I do love pancakes, but you happen not to be pure bred white dude then you better not buy yourself a […]

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Wait a minute Obama are you nuts I mean how in the freaking republic were you thinking coming up with such a barbaric decision I mean not to be considered homophobic but come on people I think Obama has just crossed the police line. I mean if this is Politics I better stay out of […]

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A sad Syria

It’s been a long time since I last wrote down my last post I know I maybe procrastinating too much on when I was to inject some steroids into this blog and yet my attention got shifted to a steroid mate who has been hitting the news in the last four months or so, this […]

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Media Heresy

One wonders where the world would be if we had no TV’s, internet or the paper press, I guess we would still be hunting wild Boers and picking raw guavas in the Amazon or maybe smoking sausages in the Congo. The dark ages are times when men knew nothing but blood and debt, where paranoia […]

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Worldless Hustle

Maybe all what we need is good dictators to run our states or a bunch of literate army officers who know a thing or two about human rights, maybe we should all pledge our allegiance to the papacy oh the good old days when men dined with kings, boys slept with swords and queens wore […]

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Foreign Aid or Aids

Foreign aid has been questioned by many scholars as being either a proxy for states self interest or being a tool of diplomacy motivated by the need to preserve human dignity but mainly as the majority sees it as being merely a means for dominant states to continue exploitation of developing countries, a way for […]

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Colossal Social Failure

Today it looks like everyone wants an office job with all the tech toys, no hassle, no dirt and a stack of office rules and regulation to make them cosy and no sweat on the job. Where I live an older guy just retired he had apprenticed in Europe to recover household goods furniture. Seven […]

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Expelled from Gaza!

It would take some guts; perhaps more nerve than this blogger possesses, to respond to this question in the negative. This idea of the Palestinians to seek statehood is rather absurd, wait a minute the Palestine’s assume that their quest can or would be conceived of as being martyrs of Islamic liberation of Zionism; this […]

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Diplomacy goes Shtoink!

STATE OF COLD WAR: ESPIONAGE AT WORK This post will shortly attempt this difficult but important task with the humble understanding that the full story is impossible to know and tell even for the very contributors of the practice. Nevertheless, in this investigation, the author will explore the role of espionage in international relations during […]

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Chinese were Right!

Following the recent riots in Britain which was apparently caused by a broken and sick culture of the British lads. David Cameron who had left the country for only  two days on holiday leaving his trusted colleague Nick Clegg to run the kingdom….. but that didn’t work out so well for Clegg…. the great United […]

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Arab Spring

DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE PEOPLE AND TANKS As the Arab spring rages on, claiming a terrible toll of death and destruction of people and infrastructure, with complete and total displacement of people. While it’s easier to point out that it is typical of Arabs to make noise about almost anything or it is certainly another Arab […]

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Private Armies

Private military firms or Mercenaries, whatever you may wish to call them are they really the best alternative to United Nation peacekeeping forces? well, the answer may vary depending on your level of ethical literacy if you know what I mean, although it might seem like a simple task, no one as yet been able […]

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The society we create is not worth the bones and blood of a single politician. It is ironic, then, that politics is responsible for igniting a conflict with fatal consequences for chaos and disorder in the world. There has long been a cottage sector of Islamic historians who try to allocate blame for the outbreak […]

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